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About us

A.B. Intec Ltd. imports and services large format UV and solvent/eco-solvent printers in Israel and the PA. The company has been active from 2011 and has since then gained a reputation as one of the best choices for sign-makers and printing businesses in our market. This has been attained through a combination of attentiveness to our customers, unsurpassed service, reasonable pricing and close cooperation with the two companies we proudly represent: 

In the UV printer market, we have already created a name for ourselves with the high quality products from Shenzhen HandTop Tech. Co. Ltd. They represent advanced user-friendly engineering from the best company in this market, shipping close to 600 units in 2016 to all over the world. In each country, they are well served by a local representative and we are lucky to proudly represent them here. We enjoy a high level of cooperation; send our authorized technicians for training and technical seminars and welcome HandTop’s engineers on their visits to Israel. We keep adequate levels of spare parts and ink and stay in constant contact with HandTop’s management.

We offer 5 flatbed printers: 1.6x1.0, 2.5x1.22, 2.5x1.8, 3.1x1.6 and 3.0x2.0 meters

We offer 3 hybrid models: 1.6, 2.5 and 3.2 meters width

We offer 2 roll-to-roll models: 3.2 and 5.0 meters width

All of them have a variety of configurations and options.

A.B. Intec Ltd is also proud to represent the well-known Gongzheng Group Co. Ltd., manufacturers of a wide range of high quality solvent and eco solvent printers. With an annual output of over 4000 printers to all over the world and a new and exciting portfolio of printers, you can meet the needs of your business, whether this is your first printer or your tenth. We enjoy a high level of cooperation and our technicians go to the factory for periodical training. Our service is backed up by ready inventory of spare parts and ink.

This company produces printers with two different technologies: from 1.6 to 3.2 meters width with one or two DX5 print heads, the world standard in this class. The smaller ones utilize variable dot technology resulting in an astonishingly vivid print at a relatively high speed. The higher end printers in 3.2 and 5 meter widths use rapid Starfire heads. These enable speeds of up to 375 square meters per hour and full color saturation.  

We offer one 1.6 meter width entry-level eco-solvent printer with one DX5 head.

We offer several options of 1.8 meter width printers with 1 or 2 DX5 heads.

We offer one 2.6 meter and one 3.2 meter printer with 2 DX5 heads.

We offer several models of 3.2 and 5 meter width printers with 2-6 Starfire heads.

All printers come with a one-year warranty and the usual reliable A.B. Intec Ltd. service that the market has learned to appreciate. Just ask our customers. We’ll be happy to put you in contact with them and to visit you to try to see how we can help you, no strings attached. 

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